Board of Governors at St. Louis County Historical Society
St. Louis County MN Historical Society

2017 Board of Governors List     

Board of Governors Officers

Leone Graf, President
Michele Hakala-Beeksma, Vice President
Gail Sheddy, Secretary
Ron Hein, Treasurer

Board of Governors Regular Members 

Neill Atkins
Judge David Bouschor
Paul Gregersen
Dwight Nelson
James Schwarzbauer
Lawrence Sommer
Anntionette Thorstad
Julie Vizanko
John Werner

St. Louis County Commissioners

Patrick Boyle

Michael Jugovich

Affiliate Representatives

Gail Sheddy, Ely-Winton Historical Society
Mary Keyes, Hibbing Historical Society
Mathew Marolt, Minnesota Museum of Mining
Leone Graf, Sisu Heritage, Inc.
Douglas Workman, Tower-Soudan Historical Society
Jeanne Maki, Virginia Area Historical Society

Heritage Preservation Commission Liaison

Kenneth Buehler 
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